In my article series Sleep Coaching (®Klösch & Holzinger) Outlined published here on Medium, I have presented in a nutshell our methodology to preserve healthy sleep and to find back to it. In the five parts of this article series, we saw the effect of sleep, how sleep deprivation affects…

Part 4: Hypnosis, meditation and relaxation techniques

Summary of the previous parts and introduction

In the first parts of this article, we described what Gestalt is and why we chose it as the frame of our method, we explained why we sleep in our second part of this article dedicated…

Part 3: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

Introducing CBT-I

We reach now the second main element of the sleep coaching(®Klösch & Holzinger) method: cognitive behavior therapy, abbreviated as CBT. …

Part 2: Sleep Education

In the first part of this sleep coaching article, I described the frame of our methodology and how a Gestalt approach can allow us to integrate all elements needed to give back to sleep its duly place in our lives. The field, which is inherent to who we are and…

Part 1: Integrating Sleep in our Lives

Let’s start with a simple sounding question: Why do we sleep?

The answer will reveal why sleep is so precious for each of us that it easily could be labelled “the elixir of life”.

Before I get into the topic, I would like to introduce myself: My name is Brigitte…

Brigitte Holzinger

Studied psychology in Vienna and California (Stanford), psychotherapist for integrative Gestalt therapy specialized in sleep and dream research.

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